KURU Digital Creations Ltd., established in early 2010, operates in the information technology industry. The company has developed and patented a unique electronic recording, distribution and publishing technology. Our business is based on selling and licensing the client applications on a tablet platform. The software products developed by the company allow fast and paper-free sharing of contents for the needs of different customer segments, using the existing infrastructure (e.g. wireless networks, the Internet) and devices (e.g. touch screens).

KURU Digital Creations Ltd.'s technology allows real time data transmission. Data can be collected from multiple sources (statistics) and archived for later use and reporting. The collected data can also be published in real time in different media of choice.

The company's primary goal is not to develop new devices but to innovate new use opportunities around existing technologies, while refining and enhancing them. As a provider of an electronic distribution technology, we also aim at achieving a significant market share first on the home turf and later internationally. Our technology is patent-protected.


KURU Digital Creations Ltd's R&D activities are conducted in close collaboration with Finnish ice hockey professionals, including the International Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence and a group of Finnish top coaches. Keeping a close eye on feedback, we continually develop our products to meet the needs of the teams and other clients. The products also allow customer-specific tailoring.

We have experience in providing game result services and publishing results in different media. KURU Digital Creations Oy introduced real-time game result service on live television in the 2012 Ice Hockey World Championships in collaboration with MTV3 Media and Canal+.